About Lisen Health

Our Tradition

Ragna Procordia is about generations of worldwide success. Our story is very different than any other company. Throughout our history, we have built a trusted reputation with consumers and skin health professionals.


We have been building this reputation since the company’s inception, when Ragna Procordia was established in Sweden in 1925. Our founder, Regina L. Olsen developed the world’s first Lingonberry extract skin cream. Since then, Ragna Procordia has expanded beyond Lingonberry extract to pioneer the use of many natural botanical extracts from all over the world for healing many skin conditions. By using new delivery technology, we can help people of every age, gender and skin type. For more than 90 years, consumers and skin health professionals have come to rely on our products to serve their needs.


Our Innovation

Today, we maintain the tradition Dr. Olsen created by continuing to collaborate with dermatologists and other skin health professionals around the world to find innovative solutions for different skin conditions.


As an innovator of skin care research, our scientific team is comprised of the industry’s leading experts in new technology development. With research capabilities around the world, Ragna Procordia conducts our own laboratory research including chemical analysis, methods development, formulation development, and counterfeit prevention technology. This advanced research approach enables us to be flexible and remains highly responsive to market demands and consumer needs. 

Supreme Quality Control
We are offering the highest level of quality in a line of natural botanical extracts and synergistic combinations that are specially crafted to treat and heal skin and hair.
We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our operation. We have earned the ISO 9000 certificate for our attention to detail, batch-to-batch consistency, and adherence to strict international quality standards. Our manufacturing facilities are granted for GMP certification. In the process, the extract is thoroughly tested for strength and purity. HPTLC technology is used to ensure that a full strength of constituents is present. All our products are manufactured in FDA-registered facilities under cGMP condition. Only highest quality USP ingredients are used in our products. ID and Assay quantification are performed on every batch.


"Let the product speak for itself"
The words of our research and production teams from eight countries.

Intellectual Property Protection and Counterfeit Prevention
- Intellectual Property Protection is handled by Law Office of Mackenzie International
- Counterfeit Prevention: RNC-LASER ACTIVATION technique has been used to protect 3 dimensional structures of the large molecules. Any physical or chemical process (heating, diluting, chemical reagent reaction, pH change, …) will cause denaturation of the molecules.
- Our products are sold by Licensed Dealers only.


Environmental Commitment

Environmental accountability has been integral to Ragna Procordia 's business and values. From the earliest stages of product design through manufacturing and lifecycle, we are dedicated to keeping our customers and planet healthy.

  • Design Process & Product Lifecycle
  • Responsible Manufacturing
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Waste Reduction
  • Quality & Safety Testing
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