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Customer Reviews  - Reviewed by LISEN HEALTH November 09, 2011
Here we have posted some of your unsolicited comments regarding our products and services. We appreciate all of your kind words and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful customers.
Thanks - Reviewed by William November 09, 2011
I was really skeptical about this products. I usually use Kenalog (steroid) for my skin problem, but not working well. Last month I purchased the Lingon-1 and 2. It is great! My skin itch and allergic rash disappeared in one week. This stuff is incredible!
 - Reviewed by Annika November 11, 2011
This stuff is great, but I still have itchy spots when I am under stress. My way to dealing with it is using Lingon Emulsion 1 and 2 as soon as I see the first rash, so it will not spread more. I always keep a set of Lingon Emulsion 1 and 2 handy, no matter where I go.
 - Reviewed by Greta November 11, 2011
I have this skin problem for years, every time I eat shrimp or fish I get this itchy rash on my back and legs. The rash last for many month, some of them stop itch after awhile, but left dark spots on my skin, then some new rash will pop out from other area. They are very annoying and ugly. I have used Lingon-1 and Lingon-2 for 2 weeks. The result is very good. My skin rash is gone. The dark spots are disappeared also.
 - Reviewed by Lucy November 12, 2011
I didn’t know Lingon-1 can be used for sting by bee. My 5 year old daughter got sting when playing near our outside pool. I was about to take her to a doctor, my wife rushed to get the Lingon-1, after a few drops on the spot, the kid stopped crying, no rash, no more pain. Amazing.
 - Reviewed by Chow KoK November 21, 2011
Hi, I use this solution every day, it works, but shipping cost a lot for me ($39.75, to Singapore). Do you have a distributor in Singapore?
 - Reviewed by Josh December 25, 2011
I had seen your commercial on Costco magazine a few years back, and found you on a Google search. I had purchased the Lingon-1 and Lingon-2 for my son who has skin problems we're still not sure of. I am amazed!!! The Lingon Emulsion works so well.

At first I was a little leery because his skin was squeaky clean now. I toweled him dry and put a few drops of Lingon-1 first, mouth blow some air on his skin while I was doing that. Lingon-1 soak into the skin quickly, then I put his Lingon-2 on top of the area. The best part was, he couldn't even fell he was been treated! I'm glad I stopped using his other stuff which made rash worse. I had also purchased the Jeunes for myself and will definitely be coming back from now on for my son's and my skin care product needs. Keep up the excellent prices and sensational products! I cannot say enough, your products blew me away, and that's hard because I have used lots of products and was never fully satisfied.

Very Good Product! - Reviewed by JAY-HYUK February 07, 2012
Hi, I've been using Lingon Emulsion-1 for more than 6 month and I'm seeing great improvements.
Since young boy, I suffered severe eczema; oozing, crusting, flakey, and rashy.
Now, I can live my daily life with more ease and pleasure.
Thank You Lisen Health!
Jay's 2nd Review - Reviewed by JAY-HYUK April 07, 2012
I'm happy to write this second review.
I've been using lingon emulsions for over a year now and I'm very happy with my results.
I shows me fast healing process and loosening my redness.
I also want to say Thank You to lisen health one more time!!
 - Reviewed by Shirley May 31, 2012
This is the 4th year to use your product for my teenage son. He suffered so much for eczema since he was baby. He had tried so many different kinds of medicine but none of it worked on him. Finally we got to know this product four years ago and he started to use everyday. It works magically! The only concern to us is this product does not cure the eczema permanently. As soon as you stop using it, all the symptom comes back again. It's very expensive to maintain the product as part of your life. I'd like to suggest the seller should offer their years of years long term customers some certain discount on the same order of the products.
Su - Reviewed by Su December 10, 2012
This is the second time I am writing an email. I have purchased two sets of Lingon Emulsion #1 and #2. One set for my daughter and the other for my son. They both have serious eczema. Lingon emulsion #1 is really an amazon product. After applying it for a couple of days, I saw my kids scratch less and their skin redness was reduced and decreased. I just wanted to purchase another one in case their skin problem comes back. Thank you for the great product!
My skin allergy from Eczema & Atopic Dermatitis - Reviewed by Celica February 18, 2013
This product work very well on my Eczema & Atopic Dermatitis skin. After applying Lingon twice a day for 14 days straight, my skin stopped itching and look healthy again and the rashes cleared-up. I've been using this prodects since June 2011. When my itching started again, I don't have to use Lingon everyday, only when the itching came back. I always have Lingon handy in my house. I can use it for my girls when their skin itches from bug bites. We tent to bring Lingon whereever we go for instance camping and traveling. One thing: Lisen Health needs to give a good discount/coupon for a regular, loyal and trusted customer like me. Thanks Lisen Health. Your products safe me and my family from itching insanity. Celica
Lingon Emulsion is a miracle - Reviewed by Patrica  July 28, 2013
Lingon is a Miracle, Lingon is a very special medicine. 3 Years ago I had atopic dermatitis making my legs has thick rough skin, it itch too much. I can’t sleep at night and I have to use an ice pack everyday so I can sleep. The doctor gave me other medicines but can only be used once in a long time because there are side effects but it still doesn’t help relieve the itching. A dermatologist doctor introduced Lingon Emulsion 1 & 2 to me. Just 2 bottles of medicine and through this treatment, my skin doesn’t itch anymore. This medicine is a miracle. Every year I would buy three bottles for my relatives. My father’s has very bad itchy skin too, because of this medicine, he is now completely healed. This treatment is amazing. Now, overtime someone tells me they have itching problems I always recommend this product to them. It has helped so much, and I love this product. It is just a miracle.
Sincerely, Patricia
Best sensitive skin product! - Reviewed by Celica October 10, 2013
This is my third time buying Lingon berry product. It had helped my itchy skin to stop itching. I need to have this product in my household. It always handy for my contact dermatitis skin, my children's insect sting reactions, and a sample for my friend's reaction. Gotta have it again!
i want to order lingonberry extract again! - Reviewed by Celica September 22, 2014
This product works really well to treat my a topic dermatitis skin and eczema! Nothing works well to treat my itchi skin. My girlfriend just discover an eczema with her skin, she was miserable and I told her about Lingonberry extract. She bought it that day and said it works tremendously! Thanks Lingon!
My loyalty to lingon - Reviewed by Celica May 05, 2015
My skin still itching occasionally, but I have Lingon to safe me. It is time to order Lingon again so I won't itch my scalp.
Amazing - Reviewed by ying July 13, 2015
I bought this products and it did work! The only thing is price is not so affordable. Thx lingon.
Excellent Product - Reviewed by Iris August 24, 2015
I have been suffered from Eczema for more than 10 years. I tried to go to dermatologist and different specialist to cure or control the symptoms, but it did not work. My accupuncturist recommend this product for me to try. My eczema improve 80% to 90%. It also helps me with the itch. Great product
Lingon does work - Reviewed by ying September 27, 2015
I bought this products and it did work perfectly! The only thing is price is not so affordable. Hopefully it can come with larger case. Thx lingon.
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