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Customer Reviews  - Reviewed by LISEN HEALTH November 09, 2011
Here we have posted some of your unsolicited comments regarding our products and services. We appreciate all of your kind words and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful customers.
 - Reviewed by Chow KoK November 21, 2011
My husband and I both used this Jeunes, he had a little improvement, but not much. My hair loss stopped after 2 weeks. I believe this product works better for woman to stop hair loss, instead of growing hair.How long do I have to use it?
best effect - Reviewed by FURONG March 27, 2018
My father and my brother both used this Jeunes, they both had a little improvement, my father has grew up small and little hairs that covered his head center. My brother stopped hair loss after 2 weeks. Now I introduce it to my friends they all want to try.
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