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Customer Reviews  - Reviewed by LISEN HEALTH November 09, 2011
Here we have posted some of your unsolicited comments regarding our products and services. We appreciate all of your kind words and would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our wonderful customers.
 - Reviewed by Eric November 10, 2011
One tip I want to share is you should use both Lingon-1 and Lingon-2 at the same time to get the best result. I used only Lingon-1 before, my skin feels dry and the rash came back. After I start using them both, my skin is more clear and the healing effect last much longer.
 - Reviewed by Jerry May 08, 2012
Thank you for your advice, the #1 is working better with #2, the #2 keeps my skin smooth and prevents the rash coming back. I love the prices and I love the quality. You have definitely found a permanent customer here.
Good remedy for my Eczema & Atopic Dermatitis Skin - Reviewed by Celica February 18, 2013
After applying Lingon Emulsion-2 on top of Lingon Emultion-1 for 14 days, my skin turn beautiful again, moist, healhty and soft. Perfect remedy for my type of itchy skin. I have Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis Skin, and severe food & environmental allergies. Can't done it alone without Lingon. My hoping is that Lisen Health will give me a good discount/coupon every time I place an order:) I am a regular, loyal & satisfied customer now. Thanks Lingon! Celica
 - Reviewed by Shirley January 23, 2015
My son started to use your product when he was at the middle school. Now he's a college student but he's still your loyal customer. He used to be lazy by applying only #1, rash came back frequently. Then he used both #1 and #2, his skin are improved much better. It's much more effective for the healing. I'm wondering if the product can cure the eczema permanenty. It seems like my son has to be with this magic product all his life. After so many years, he can't live without it.
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